Classroom Guacamole

Quick Guacamole

My classroom recipe is different from my home recipe, cause it is quick & easy with just a little prep work.

Choose a good size bowl that has a lid. Keep in mind that it has to be large enough for the kiddos to stir & crush the avocado with out it falling out.

Put all the seasonings into the bowl & keep it ready to add the avocado later in front of the class.  Bring a bag of chips for dipping.

I like having 2 avocados, one to cut & one to pass around at circle time.

It is nice to have an apple there too.  If your doing this activity as a letter A lesson, it is prefect time to compare two.  Apples have smaller seeds & you can eat the skins.  Avocados have huge seed & we don’t eat the skins & these 2 things are about the same size.

Need tools at circle time:

spoon for scooping

Fork for mashing – Metal not plastic

Knife for teacher to use only * keep safely away for students – always use caution around young children. Try DIY case

Bowl of prepared stuff

Small Cutting board

paper towels ( just in case)



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Classroom Guacamole
class guacamole
Before Class - Prep
In Class
Before Class - Prep
In Class
class guacamole
Recipe Notes
  1. Add all the seasonings into the bowl, place lid on & seal. ( Take to shcool)
  2. Prep: Cut the avocado a short time before presenting it to the class.  Let them see the surprising size of the seed compared to other seeds. Having an extra avocado that is not cut to pass around is fun too.
  3. Scoop out the avocado with spoon & put into the waiting bowl.
  4. Mash it up a little bit with the fork, showing the kids how to mash & stir.
  5. Pass the bowl around let every one have a turn to mash & stir.
  6. Taste :  pass around chips & let every one have a taste or just a chip if they want.

Some kids were surprise and they liked it.  When snack time came the teachers had to share with kids.  Some moms were surprise that their kids even tasted it.  Every class is different.  If someone does not want to try - thats ok, no pressure.

This a great recipe for fast guacamole at home too.  I like added all the fresh veggies when I can for my regular recipe, but this one works great when your in a hurry and don't have time to cut up onions.

Be sure to save the seed and try letting it grow in the classroom window.  I finally got one to sprout a little tree, that grow into a big 3 feet tall tree in a years time. Check it out!

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