Sensory bags for Hand Writing without Tears

Sensory Bag for Handwriting
Hand Writing with Color Mixing FUN


This is a simple and fun way to change up the Hand writing with out tears style of teaching.   It is a ziplock bag, sealed with extra layers of clear packing tape to help avoid puncture.  Special care was taken on the weak points of the bag, the top and seams.   

Make sure to press out all the air before sealing.

This bag was filled with cheap dollar store hair conditioner, blue & red liquid watercolor.   Notice the letter cards are secured together with a simple ring after hole punched.  It is hard to see, but under the bag is a yellow holographic piece of card stock.  

Funny thing:  We like to recycle in our classroom, but there is a limit.  The first time we tried this, it was older zipper lock bag that we had reused for odds and ends. I only taped the zipper end shut.    I did not want to waste a new bag.   Ha ha joke was on me, it gave way and I was cleaning up this clever project.   So tape, or double on bags.  

Happy Hand Writting!