About Me

Artist, Teacher, Mother, Wife, Friend, Craft enthusiast of all kinds, Lifetime learner, Booklover, Baker, Gardner, Photographer, Author,  Digital Illustrator, Athlete, Seamstress, and More.

 I wear many hats, which would be the old term.  We have moved all over and lived in some very exciting places.   Picking up and trying new things is something that I have learned to do.  I try to be frugal with our budget, reuse what we have, keep things organized, and spend as much time as we can together as a family.  

  For many years the parents of my students have encouraged me by saying things like, “you should write a blog, & have my own show”.  I took it as a nice compliment.  They were surprised that I did not know what Pinterest was back then.   I was an old school teacher using books, magazines & other teachers as source material, funny right.  The digital world has really changed us all. 

Now a large portion of my art is digital, and I am enjoying the new experience. The next step now is to make a lot more of the resources digital for the students and the teachers.

When I finally found Pinterest,  I was hooked.  It is a great way to organize and store sample ideas.  

 Creating things for the classroom is the main thing that I do now.

My current position is working with ESL (English Second Language) students and reading support for struggling students.  It is a great way to look at the world of education in a new way.

Working one on one with students, I can see students make their letters in lots of different ways and I have been looking for the perfect program to teach them.  This has led me to write and illustrate a few new books for my students to use in class.  I am very excited about my new book series Pirate Handwriting.

Check them out on my TPT  Teachers pay Teachers Shop.

The Bible art journal has really helped me,  it is another wonderful way to study the bible and be inspired by other people’s art while being encouraged by the word of God.  Every page of my bible has a least one picture drawn on the page.  It took me a few years but I got it done.  

Thank you for your interest.

Blessings to you.

Sensory Bag for Handwriting