Put the FUN in Phonics

Decodable word games for fast lessons and learning fun

alpha guys © Pure Joy Teaching

Fun with phonics is a play-based way of presenting spelling lessons to hook students into learning a skill quickly and keep them interested, wanting to practice it over and over.

Easy to use card games have been created to help students at every level from initial sounds to vowel team and spelling rules. The addition of mnemonic pictures has been a huge hit, and it gives some students a quick boost in decoding confidence.

Kid-friendly card games are used to introduce and practice the skills. While they play: Go Fish, Memory, Crazy 8’s, Uno, and War.

Card games use the repetitive reading practice, as the student learns to decode and reread the cards over and over to play the games.

Dual colored and multi-colored word cards help students to visually isolate the repetitive skills while learning about syllable segmentation, vowel teams, r-controlled vowels, prefixes, suffixes and more.

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