Spelling Rules

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The best way to way teach English spelling rules and patterns is with games and other fun things. Take a look at some of them here.

ch, wh, sh, Teaching Trick Digraphs

I have created some hints within the letter shapes to help remind the students of words that make the same digraph sound.

R-Controlled Clipcards Trigraphs

The five sounds of ear, air, oar, er, are, on these R Controlled clip cards. Dual-colored spelling clip cards can be found HERE. Teaching bossy r can be easy to explain until you get to the trigraphs. Then the rules are gone and some students struggle with reading and spelling the homophones like: stair and … Continue reading "R-Controlled Clipcards Trigraphs"

sh sound spellings si ti ci xi magician vs chef pure joy teaching

Chef vs Magician, Sh Sound Spelling ci, ti, si, Card Games

Pairing up the right lessons with card games has given my struggling readers and spellers a great advantage.

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Which do I use letter C or the Letter K?

I remind them to listen for the vowels. If it is a, o, u, use c. If it is e or i, use the k.

Final /K/ Sound Games

Which to use ck, ke, or k for the final k sound?
These visuals are another way to remind students to look and listen for the vowel sounds and names.

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