Blessed and defended by an angel Num 22:12

The book of numbers has a collection of lots of stories.  One of them is commonly known as Balaam’s Donkey.   In my classroom, I have retold this story many times.  The kids are amazed or laugh at the talking donkey part.   I use a silly voice for the donkey, it is funny.   Kids books are filled with stories of talking animals, so the full impact of a talking donkey might be missed by them.    Really, my starting point is that I have retold this story many times.  To my  surprise, I heard some new from it today.   That is one of things that is some exciting about the Bible.  You can reread it over and over, still find something new that jumps out and pulls at your heart or makes you think.

Today that word that jumped out was “Blessed.”

But God said to Balaam, “Do not go with them. You must not put a curse on those people, because they are blessed.”

Numbers 22:12

Let me paint the full picture for you, God said (simply) “do not put a curse on those people, they are blessed (to me).   Then he sends a angel with a sword to defend what he called his blessed ones.

Jesus called us blessed.

 Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed;blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”                                   John 20:29

I like the idea of that he can come to the aid of his blessed ones, even good as far as sending an angel with a sword to protect his blessed ones.   That group of Israelites, was less than the perfect group.  They were humans that made lots of bad choices, just like myself.   We are all prone to make mistakes.  It is nice to know that God still comes to our aid, even when are undeserving of it.   Sometimes even sending an angel with a sword, to stop something that is coming our way.

For the full story read Numbers  chapters 22-24.

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Comparing Water Soluble Crayons to Colored Pencils


Comparing Colored Pencils to Water Soluble Crayons

Psalm 144;145;146;147 :Bible journaling – Bible page 346

This was a test of colored pencils with water soluble crayon high lights.

The basic sketches were penciled in, and I wondered if the crayons would bleed through.

The page was sealed after the pencil sketching was done.  I used a little post it notes here, to keep track of which pages are sealed.

Colored pencils were used first to get all the little spaces filled.   It looked fine,the color is not very bright, and I know that the color will more fade over time.

This is the difference with crayon high-light added.  It brightened up the page and really made the color pop. It gave me some added range of colors for high lighting & definition too.


Started Bible Journaling

The colored pencils that I used to color my early drawings have begun to fade & press on to the other pages. It is nice to go back over them and touch up some of the color, with the water soluble crayons.

How I use the crayons

Using crayons seems pretty easy.  You draw, color, blend & add water, that is one way of using them.   I have found that drawing directly on the paper is a lot of color.   I want them to be more like watercolor paints, it is easier for me to mix and lift the color off a palette or directly of the crayon.  See Here.


The Bible that I am using here is:

NIV Gift and Award Bible, Revised 2001 by The Zondervan Corpartion

ISBN: 0310926181