When Walruses Want Waffles, by D. Passmore

When walruses want waffles Pure Joy Teaching

Silly questions with lots of funny “w” words for answers.

How far from their far north snow-covered homeland would walruses be willing to waddle, for waffles?

A funny question with silly illustrations. Words like wigs, wallets, whales, and wrestling too.

This book was created to fill a void in my “W” letter library, for my letter of the week curriculum. It also is a beautiful artistic tribute to the land that I love, covered with snow and beautiful auroras.

Hidden within the pictures of the story are a few little rubber ducks. Try to spot them all.

You can find it here on Amazon. Kindle or Paperback.

This could be fun to use with older students too. Challenge them with a writing task about the waffle hunting adventures.

Once I got started making waffles, I just could not stop there. Check out my waffle letters. The yellow butter drips show the direction the letter should be written. It is all good letter formation. Start your letters at the top.

You can add some math with waffle counting too. When I was teaching preschool, my students loved any game that let them feed animals. Check out this feed the walrus waffle printable.

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