Christian Valentines from teacher to students

My first year teaching in a christian preschool, I was caught off guard by Valentine’s day.   The stores did not have the right kind of valentine that I wanted to give to my students.

There were some very creative moms in my class and they inspired me to make up my own Christian Valentines for my students.  Using the shape and size of a standard Hershey bar, I created a wrapper that said,  “HE IS LOVE.”

The kids loved.   One precious little boy lite up with excitement, ” A big candy bar, all for me.” He was overwhelmed by the large size in his small hand.

His wonderful mom said, he needs to eat lunch first and it might be nice to share it that big candy bar.

In the Christian classroom we try to always bring every holiday back to God is the reason for the season.  Valentine’s day is no different.  One of our memory verse is:

God is Love.

1 John 4:16.

So the phrase “He is Love, ” makes sense, for his holiday gift.

I put other verses on the back, and left a space for me to write their names.  The original master copy is signed by me, which saves me time each year.

I have put this item on Tpt, if your interested in this download printable check it out HERE!


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