CVC builder Hot dogs dramatic play easy booklet

Practice building CVC and VC words, quick set-up, and super fun

This booklet-style setup creates an easy and organized way to play and store this fun CVC and VC resource for students and teachers.

The back page is larger and has the barbecue grill image on it. This creates a fun playing surface to lay out all the vowel hotdogs on.

The top half is left open with enough space to attach a small snack-size recloseable bag. This is a great option for storing all the pieces that go with this dramatic games-style teaching resource. Sight word condiments and vowel hotdogs.

The bottom half of this resource can be printed double-sided and attached to the grill with rings or a binding machine. This lays out nicely and removes some of the reversal issues. (

VC included. CVC is very common, and VC is sometimes overlooked. The capital /I/ can be very tricky for some emergent readers. They learn that the capital I, says it’s name when it is on its own, sometimes when they see it next to another letter, like at the beginning of a sentence, it can create some confusion. ( The capital letters A and I, can be used to make words like: In, It, If, An, At.

Sight words – Tricky non-decodable words are included: said, of, the, his, all, is, do, was, are, what, as, have, to.

The sight words are grouped by color to make teaching a little easier. All the yellow mustard words have the letter s that makes the /z/ sound: his, is, was, as, has. ( I call these the sleeping snake words. He falls asleep and snores zzz…. sometimes)

All of the consonant buns should make decodable words. The letter r, is not included as an ending letter. This is not the time to teach bossy r-controlled words. This is purely for early sound-letter decoding.

The letter y, is only in the first position making the correct sound. This is not the time to teach digraphs ay, ey, oy, uy, gym, or eye. All those fun words will come later. As well as words ending with w, aw, ow, ew, should be taught later.

Here is a fun game for short o sounds with /wa/Candyland-style Fruitland.

The CVC Hot Dog builder can be found on my TPT site.

You may also like the CVC sandwich builder or the matching blends. The PB&J’s progress to the digraphs and vowel teams.

Tips for setting up the grill.

  • Print the grill back page on full-sized 8.5×11 paper.
  • Print the hot dogs vowels, single-sided, 2 to a page.
  • Print the Buns Consonants, double-side, 2 to a page.
  • Use a piece of cardstock or scrap of laminated paper inside of the sandwich bag to make it ridged and strong enough to punch holes through.
Snack-sized reclosable bag attached with a binding machine. Pure Joy Teaching

This booklet was created with the smaller half-page grill, attached on the long side. But it could be set up with a larger full-page-sized grill. Very easy to customize to your classroom needs.

CVC Hot dog word builder. © Pure Joy Teaching 2023
Pure Joy Teaching © Hot Dog CVC VC builder
© Pure Joy Teaching CVC VC word builder hot dogs

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Remote Learning with Google slides

Great way to teacher remotely or in class with a large display and chrome books.

We have been using small laminated letters in class, but is can be a struggle to find all the letters and keep them sorted. Now that I have these Google slides my lessons can be saved and sorted out quickly.

I have them sorted by the vowels. This one is letter /e/ the vowels are red. It includes long, short, and vowel combinations like:

      Silent e, ey, y that says “e”, er, ed, pre, re, ei, ei, ee, ea, e_e,

      Prefixes and suffixes (pre, re, er, ed) with whole word tiles.

The first slide is color coded for younger students. This is a neat way to help them with sorting out the line place for the letters and to aid them in making the left to right reading connection. Green for go, Yellow middle, Red stop. This the direction of reading and writing. * Teacher can any of the letter the student will need before the slide is sent to the student. This slide is a good one for CVC words or small 2 & 3 letter words.

This slide is for the small 2 letter words that make the long e sounds. Word like he, we, be, me, & 3 letter she. * Notice here the /sh/ tile is one box to drag and drop. This is to help students make the phonics connection that /sh/ is one sound digraph and NOT two separate sounds /s/h/.


If you like these slides and think they will work in your classroom or remote learning world, you can get them from my shop at TPT. TeachersPayTeachers.

Air Writing ABC Book

© Pure Joy Teaching

Download and print the flashcards for this book. Teachers Pay Teachers

For play-based learning; with Air Writing

Students can pretend to be an airplane, and mirror the letter movements of the teacher. This exercise can help them learn the correct starting and stopping points of the capital letters. The helpful green dot shows the starting point of the letter, with numbered steps for letters that have more than one step. Valuable teacher instruction pages and Flash Card pages that can be cut out of the book to use in class. The reversed alphabet chart on the back cover of this book, helps to remind the teacher in which direction to make the letters. Very helpful when the book or the card is facing the students.

Mirror image; Why does it look backwards?

Remember my right is your left, when we are facing each other. This book will help teachers so the students will NOT be seeing the reversed Image by mistake. It can aid and support future handwriting success, while learning feels like play.

Find on Amazon

© Pure Joy Teaching

Read Write and Paint in classroom

The kids in room 6, really enjoyed the story this week.

When the pig hides the paints from the other pets, one little girl said, “I see them hiding in the hay.”

The class did not think the pig would share the paints.

After reading we talked about ways that we might paint like the pets in the story.   Next week they will make story bubbles and write sentences based on the book.

I can hardly wait to see the art.

Links to the downloads HERE.

And find book Here.

Munch Math Match with Waffles

Take a look HERE.

For letter of the week W.  Waffle Math Match, based on the book –

When Walruses Want Waffles, By D Passmore.

Waffle Math Match can be used in lots of ways:

Play it like “Go Fish” each player would have their own walrus to feed the matched waffles to.

Play it like “Memory Game” each player would have their own walrus to feed the matched waffles to.

One on One with the teacher, Match the numbers, and feed the walrus the matched sets.

Use addition, Subtraction, and Equals symbols to work out math equations.

Roll a die, and match the numbers to the waffles until they are all feed to the walrus.

For W letter of week lessons,  you may also like the waffle letters.

 Find on Amazon

Find the book on Amazon, the book is filled with a whole lot of “W” words :

Wheelbarrow, wall, whale, wobble, waiter, wardrobe, washroom, whip cream, world, water, waves, winner, wrestle, wishing well, wishes, wasps,…

And there are lots of true facts about walruses at the back of the book.

Different ways to Use Flashcards

There are lots of ways to use flashcards in the classroom.

  1. Hook them together:  a small little hole punched in the corner of each one will keep them together, & make them easier to flip.    * I love to hang my flashcards right next to my circle time chair.   The flashcards add to the decor of the room instead of creating clutter on my shelf.
  2. Dry Erase:  Some cards need to be laminated first, but Dry Erase pens are great for tracing and circling counted items. This works well at the writing table and can easily be put on a tray as a choose your own activity on the math shelf.

The mnemonic abcs & handwriting cards are very useful cards to link together.

Take a look below or jump to my Teachers Pays Teachers site

Alphabet Poems Trace & Learn Letter Formation Cards: Awesome Animals ABC

Mnemonic Alphabet cards Lowercase letters with pictures a-z short vowels

Air Writing Flash Cards with Teacher directions 

Try my starfish count and clip cards at my shop.

or my heart cards Here.

Teaching with Letter of week creation facts is fun

In my preschool classroom we use letter of the week items.  I try to include many real creation facts into the week.  This has had an amazing result on the students.  Many parents are surprised at the new thing their kids are interested.

One example is the letter O for octopus.

Octopus, lives in the ocean, has 8 arms and squits ink.   Cool right!

I have grouped together a book, counting cards and few playdough activities, and a coloring sheet.

The book


Christian Valentines from teacher to students

My first year teaching in a christian preschool, I was caught off guard by Valentine’s day.   The stores did not have the right kind of valentine that I wanted to give to my students.

There were some very creative moms in my class and they inspired me to make up my own Christian Valentines for my students.  Using the shape and size of a standard Hershey bar, I created a wrapper that said,  “HE IS LOVE.”

The kids loved.   One precious little boy lite up with excitement, ” A big candy bar, all for me.” He was overwhelmed by the large size in his small hand.

His wonderful mom said, he needs to eat lunch first and it might be nice to share it that big candy bar.

In the Christian classroom we try to always bring every holiday back to God is the reason for the season.  Valentine’s day is no different.  One of our memory verse is:

God is Love.

1 John 4:16.

So the phrase “He is Love, ” makes sense, for his holiday gift.

I put other verses on the back, and left a space for me to write their names.  The original master copy is signed by me, which saves me time each year.

I have put this item on Tpt, if your interested in this download printable check it out HERE!


Be sure to check out:  Answers in Genesis website.   It has lots of free video for kids and adults.  It is a valuable resource for parents and teachers.  My family loves it.

Purchase excellent resources from the Answers in Genesis Bookstore

The NEW Answers Book 1

Avocado Seed Growing from Seed

Avocado seed finally

Finally got one avocado seed to grow. We now have a tree that is over 3 feet high.  This is a huge success after years of trying and only getting mold.

As a teacher,  growing things in the classroom is super fun.  The kids love it.  They measure & image fast results.  We grow beans, flower bulbs & try avocado seeds every year.  Most years the avocado seed is forgotten about cause is does not grow.

During circle time, I present the large fruit and ask them if they can guess with their hands: How big is the seed inside? Some kids know it is huge. It is fun to have an apple there too & cutting both open to compare the size of the seed inside is a fun lesson.

open avocado

Toothpick method

Every year, we clean the seed off, stick 4 toothpicks in, balance it over a cup of water & set it in the sunny window.  We usually grow only mold.

Outer layer of skin

This year we peeled of the outer layer of the skin on the avocado. The Seedcoat.

avocado design

The Seed coat should peel off easily, if you let it dry out for a few hours.

Put the toothpicks in and balance over cup of water with rounded bottom down & pointed end up.

The water was also changed for clean water every few days.  The only other  difference was possible a warmer room & more sunny maybe.  I really think that peeling the skin off helped the most.

Grow avocado seed root

Root growth

Root growth felt like a huge success, the tap-root grew a few inches before it branched out and looked more root like.   It took months before the top finally spilt open and this tender little branch popped out.

seed with tree on top

Tree growth

We waited for this large amount of growth, before we planted it in dirt.  Four leaves and a health steam to support the tree.  It worked, the tree looks health after almost a year.

Avocado tree

  • We did plant one in dirt to soon.  The root had branched a little but the top branch never popped out.

Try this easy Guacamole recipe!

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