Flossy Uno Decodable Reading Game

This specially designed Flossy Uno game can help students practice reading words that end with ff, ll, ss, zz, recognize the spelling patterns, and have fun.

How to Teach Floss Ending Blends with Color-Coded Short Vowel Flashcards

Teaching the flossy spelling pattern seems simple, but is it? NO.

Teaching the floss rule is not an easy thing to do. Let’s unpack this. First rule number one, when a one-syllable word ends in f, l, or s, double that final f, l, or, s.

Easy! Got it. Then what about pal, gal, Sal, roll, poll?

I had to look that up. It turns out pal, gal, Sal are non-formal words. It might be better to call this a spelling pattern and not a rule.

Roll and poll are words that sound like long vowels and then there is the word doll that sounds like a short vowel. This now seems harder to teach to emergent readers. We need to be careful not to call this a rule. Floss is more like a short vowel indicator. In the Uno game, these long and short vowel words are different colors to help recognize and teach the pattern.

What about teaching the -all word family?

The word /all/. The letter /a/ is not saying “ah” like in cat or pal. The vowel a has changed to the short ŏ sound. Like in the word boss. That is tricky for some students to decode. In the Floss Uno game, the /all/ cards are dual-colored to help highlight the spelling pattern.

The red-colored cards in the game all make the short ă sound. The orange-colored cards all make the short ŏ sound. The tricky ‘all’ word family has dual colored cards, the letter a (red) making the short ŏ sound (orange). This helps create a color link to the sound patterns.

There are many ways to sort these cards to play different levels of the game. Take a look at the cards here.

The long o words like poll, roll, troll, have a dark blue color, instead of orange. This set also has a large collection of pseudowords. A good mix of digraphs, trigraphs, and floss endings.

You may all like this game. CVCC ending blends card game.

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