Remote Learning with Google slides

Great way to teacher remotely or in class with a large display and chrome books.

We have been using small laminated letters in class, but is can be a struggle to find all the letters and keep them sorted. Now that I have these Google slides my lessons can be saved and sorted out quickly.

I have them sorted by the vowels. This one is letter /e/ the vowels are red. It includes long, short, and vowel combinations like:

      Silent e, ey, y that says ā€œeā€, er, ed, pre, re, ei, ei, ee, ea, e_e,

      Prefixes and suffixes (pre, re, er, ed) with whole word tiles.

The first slide is color coded for younger students. This is a neat way to help them with sorting out the line place for the letters and to aid them in making the left to right reading connection. Green for go, Yellow middle, Red stop. This the direction of reading and writing. * Teacher can any of the letter the student will need before the slide is sent to the student. This slide is a good one for CVC words or small 2 & 3 letter words.

This slide is for the small 2 letter words that make the long e sounds. Word like he, we, be, me, & 3 letter she. * Notice here the /sh/ tile is one box to drag and drop. This is to help students make the phonics connection that /sh/ is one sound digraph and NOT two separate sounds /s/h/.


If you like these slides and think they will work in your classroom or remote learning world, you can get them from my shop at TPT. TeachersPayTeachers.