Different ways to Use Flashcards

There are lots of ways to use flashcards in the classroom.

  1. Hook them together:  a small little hole punched in the corner of each one will keep them together, & make them easier to flip.    * I love to hang my flashcards right next to my circle time chair.   The flashcards add to the decor of the room instead of creating clutter on my shelf.
  2. Dry Erase:  Some cards need to be laminated first, but Dry Erase pens are great for tracing and circling counted items. This works well at the writing table and can easily be put on a tray as a choose your own activity on the math shelf.

The mnemonic abcs & handwriting cards are very useful cards to link together.

Take a look below or jump to my Teachers Pays Teachers site

Alphabet Poems Trace & Learn Letter Formation Cards: Awesome Animals ABC

Mnemonic Alphabet cards Lowercase letters with pictures a-z short vowels

Air Writing Flash Cards with Teacher directions 

Try my starfish count and clip cards at my shop.

or my heart cards Here.