R-Controlled Uno Game

So much fun learning with bossy r control games.

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Student review – Great! They want to play this game over and over.

Fun Uno Game

It helps students with reading R-controlled words

and they love playing it.

Playing Cards are grouped by colors for simular spellings

ar – or – ur – er – ir – ‘air’- ‘ear’ – ‘oar’

15 different Homophones (including a list with definitions)

158-word cards & 16 actions cards (skip, draw 2, draw 4, wild)

Red and black text makes the decodable parts standout.

We play with cards face up, and it is improving their reading skills. This gives the group a chance to help each other when they spot a match, and it keeps everyones attention on reading the words.

To see the full discription and list of word follow the link.

Teachers tip – The colored groups make it easy sort and to use these as flashcards. I will often introduct just the er sounds together ( er, ur, ir) and students are suprised how quickly they can read now that they know how to decode with the 3 different spellings that all make the same sound.

This game can be found in a group with other games.