Romans 15:13 View of back page

I was so excited to creat this page.  This was one of the first larger images that I created in the limited open space of my bible.  The sample page turned out great.  I will be a nice card for someone special.

The paper was not the same weight as the book, and I think that was part of the difference.  I should have sealed the page first. I tested a homemade sealer before on a diffrent page & it was lumpy, the textured was bad.  So I skipped page prep! I did not want to buy sealer.

bible art journal opps ink

Back Page Opps!

This is the back of the page.  You can see that the blue,  & pink color bleed through to the back.    The ink, also bleed through and that really surprised me.

On the test page I sketched with a pencil, painted and let it dry before adding the ink over the dry picture.   In my bible I forgot the process that worked and I traced the pencil work with ink before I painted.   That might be why the ink bleed through.   I need to be more careful now that I am adding the element of water to my art journaling.

This was another learning curve for me.  I hope it helps you, but does not scare you away from art journaling.

The bible that I am using is the cheapest  NIV Gift and Awards Bible.  The pages are tan/off white medium weight.  It is a fine Bible, it has served me well over the years.

Happy Journaling!