Avocado Seed Growing from Seed

Growing Avocado seed tree

Avocado seed finally

Finally got one avocado seed to grow. We now have a tree that is over 3 feet high.  This is a huge success after years of trying and only getting mold.

As a teacher,  growing things in the classroom is super fun.  The kids love it.  They measure & image fast results.  We grow beans, flower bulbs & try avocado seeds every year.  Most years the avocado seed is forgotten about cause is does not grow.

During circle time, I present the large fruit and ask them if they can guess with their hands: How big is the seed inside? Some kids know it is huge. It is fun to have an apple there too & cutting both open to compare the size of the seed inside is a fun lesson.

open avocado

Toothpick method

Every year, we clean the seed off, stick 4 toothpicks in, balance it over a cup of water & set it in the sunny window.  We usually grow only mold.

The outer layer of skin

This year we peeled off the outer layer of the skin on the avocado. The Seedcoat.

avocado design

The Seed coat should peel off easily, if you let it dry out for a few hours.

Put the toothpicks in and balance over a cup of water with rounded bottom down & pointed end up.

The water was also replaced with clean water every few days.  The only other  difference was possible a warmer room & more sunny maybe.  I really think that peeling the skin off helped the most.

Grow avocado seed root

Root growth

Root growth felt like a huge success, the tap-root grew a few inches before it branched out and looked more root like.   It took months before the top finally spilt open and this tender little branch popped out.

seed with tree on top

Tree growth

We waited for this large amount of growth before we planted it in the dirt.  Four leaves and a healthy steam to support the tree.  It worked, and the tree looks healthy after almost a year.

Avocado tree

  • We did plant one in the dirt too soon.  The root had branched a little but the top branch never popped out.

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