Watercolor Decorative Book Edge Test Tape Masking

watercolor masking tape test

Decorative Book Edge Test

I have a few ideas to create a beautiful edge on my bible.  Testing  the idea on a sample book that I got for free seemed like a good idea.


I have lots of letter stickers.   I thought that using letters stickers would create a well spaced image.  Easier than trying to free hand the text on the edge. Before I use up my letters, I wanted to test the idea.

stickers on book edge

The sample stickers were old, and they did not stick very well to the book edge.  Which worried me, so I changed plans to try tape instead.   This would be a good comparison.

Packing tape

The clear packing tape, I tried to cut it into a shape before placing it on the book.  Cutting tape with scissors does not work well, but we can still use the odd shape for the test.   It stuck to the book better than the stickers.

Duck Tape

I placed a rectangle piece of duck tape on the book edge, then used an xacto knife to cut it into shape of the letter T, and left one extra square on for good measure.  Cutting the tape while on the book worked much better. It also created a good seal too.  This is just a test, so I didn’t get fancy.

watercolor paint over stickers & tape


Carefully I painted from the center of the stickers toward the edge.  I did not want the brush to lift the sticker and let paint go under it.

On the tape I was less careful with my brush cause the seal was good.

watercolor edge of book

Looks, good.  I think it worked. The little yellow spots are not paint, they were on the book before.

  • Note:  3 Rubber bands were used to hold the book edge stiff


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