Cake Stand DIY Kitchen stand

Cake kitchen stand DIY

Create Counter Space

A thrift store find helped create more counter space in my kitchen.

After  moving  into a new place, & we needed stuff.   I went to the thrift store looking for candle sticks or something that I could balance together to make a larger pedestal for 3 inch candles.  There were no candle sticks.

Fortunately, the thrift shop was having a huge 10 cent sale.  It was very picked over & only a few odd pieces were left.  Surprisingly those odd things fit together perfectly. New project: Cake stand or Kitchen stand.

wide base glass

This wide stemmed plastic wine glass is the best part of the whole design.

A normal thin stemmed wine glass might be to fragle to hold up a full size dinner plate.  This one looked super think  at the base, solid and a great shape!

Next treasures I found were plates:

The top is two plates glued on to the wine glass.  A full size dinner plate on top, under that is small plastic plate that fit perfectly in the groves & created a nice shape.

*  Note: I did paint the inside of the plastic wine glass & the outside as well, before it was glued together.

Bottom base

The bottom saucer of a terra-cotta pot & flipped up side down.

After everything was glued together with strong glue, from the dollar store.  The whole thing was painted with acrylic paint & sealed.

Normally, I would have used spray paint but today I used a brush. Turned out great after a few coats.

Perfect! Lifts my stuff up higher & I see more counter space.

Prefect for the corner of the kitchen, keeps the onions away from the potatoes & a nice fake plant for the POP! of color.

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Cake kitchen stand DIY
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