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Slip on shoes No tie laces

Easy no tie shoe laces

Shoe laces

I have a love – hate relationship with them.  Comfortable shoes are my goal, I spend a lot of time on my feet.   I like slip-on easy shoes, but I need something  with a little more stability and cushion.  While shoe shopping, I came up with clever idea.

Elastic Cord

At the store each pair of shoes were hooked together with long elastic cord, that gave me an idea.  Normally I would just cut the elastic cord off, with all the other tags, and throw it away.   This time,  I took out one of the shoe laces and replaced it with the thin elastic cord.   It worked! Problem: there was only one cord & I have 2 shoes.

Finding Elastic Cord

In my craft box, I have elastic cord for beading, but that was too thin.   My elastic hair bands are the right width but too short.  Possibly,  I could cut them and tie after lacing through, but that looked time consuming.

At the dollar stores, I have seen longer elastic head bands.  So, off to the dollar store I went.   Lucky, this dollar store also had a sewing section.

Elastic Cord

Found this cord, with this package of colorful long elastic cords.  Perfect colors for my shoes, and extra colors for my family.

Decorated ends

After trying a few different styles of lacing, I settled on this line pattern.

Elastic shoe laces

Tied it in a double knot from back side, & tucked under out of sight.

Before cutting:

Wrapped a bit of clear packing tape on each cord, then cut the through the tape.  Leaving a nice clean edge.

lace ends

These are working great.  They slip on & off easily, without being re-tied.  The elastic is comfortable for active wear.

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