Bible Art Journaling

Bible art small margins

 Joy in Journaling Bible Art for Me

Bible art journaling in the small margins is a great mixture of my favorite things. The Bible is an amazing book, I love reading it. Creating art is fun for me. Combining these two things just makes so much sense. As a visual learner this might even be the trick to help me memorize more scripture.

At first, I was just high lighting the words with color pencils and dry high lighters. Then I started making small drawings in the margins to help me find the verses faster. The pictures really stood out, to help me find key verses faster. When I saw posts from other people drawing in their bibles I filled with excitement. I rejoiced at the revival in the word of God. This was a positive jumpstart to my heart. Now, I am bravely drawing more pictures. It has been a great study tool too. The goal I set for myself is, to have at least one picture on each page and keep the text visible.

Small Margin Bible Art Journaling

The small margins of my bible don’t give me a lot of space for drawing. My pictures are very small and less detailed. This is a nice practice run for me. It is serving as a great outline for future art in a wide margin bible.  Re-occuring thems are starting to pop out, like a map. It is a joyful journey to be on.

Something Special to Pass on

I wanted to create something special to pass on, and using this original bible is sentimental to me.  I tend to shy away from using poplural cartoon images in my bible, because I want to art to be timeless and easy to understand by who ever it is passed on to.  The wide margin note takers Bibles are growing in popularity and that does make sense,  there is alot more room for larger pictures.  Right now, it is small margins for me.

By choosing small icon art, repetitive words are jumping out in the form of pictures. Sheep, hands, water, earth, fruit & grapes are some of the images that are repeating. Revealing the Bible as a finely woven tapestry of historical stories. There is a beautiful timeline of promises given and filled. Connecting little snippets of the Bible with pictures has helped me map it out. Some of the complicated theme are looking clearer, after re-drawing similar pictures.  Bible art journaling is very uplifting.

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