Psalm 89:36-37 Sun & Moon word study

Psalm 89:36-37    

and his throne endure before me like the sun;
37 it will be established forever like the moon,
    the faithful witness in the sky.”

This beautiful word picture is tucked into a very long psalm, I don’t want to miss out on it.  Another wonderful reminded of the Constance & longevity of his promise.  His throne is Enduring like the sun.

The Sun

The sun is in our daily lives, before we even knew it was there.  It is the center of our solar system.  With out the vitamin  D that it provides we would sink into depression.  That is true about God too, He is alway there before we even knew He was there.

The Moon

The moon, forever there continually part of our solar system. The phases of the moon change, but it is alway there, even when we do not see it.    A faithful witness, that always returns ever night.   What a wonderful image to hold on to.

The term to “witness” is one who bears testimony to a significant event of transaction.  (a)  Witness is used many times in the bible. There are lots of symbolic witnesses which could be a interesting comparative study for another time.

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