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Bible art journaling word study

Topic Word Study Bible Art Journaling

Angels (with sword): Num. 22:12

Clothing- Garments-Put on- Wear:  Gen 3:21,  Put on Crown Job 31:35-37,

Crown-  Job 31:36Ps89:39,  * Turbin Zech 3:3-5,

Blessed – Num 22:12

Overflow Rom 15:13

Sun & Moon Ps 89

Thorn & briers Job31:35-40,

DIY : small case,

Comparing Water Soluble Crayons to Colored Pencils

Comparing Colored Pencils to Water Soluble ...
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Job 31

Job 31 Briers

Job 31:38-40 (NIV) 38 “if my land cries ...
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Jobs crown bible study

Bible Journaling Job 31 Study Crown

 Job 31:35-37 35 (“Oh, that I ...
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small art supply case

Small Bible Journaling Travel Case

Small Supply Case This was the ...
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ps 93 4 Bible journaling

Psalms 93:4 Bible Journaling

Psalms 93:3-4 3The seas have lifted up, Lord, ...
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Romans 15:13 View of back page

I was so excited to creat ...
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Romans 15:13 God of Hope fill you

Romans 15:13 Hope filled Bible art Journaling

Comparing the translations  May the God ...
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