Phonics Spelling Games Bundle Decodable Digraphs

Leveled educational intervention for the different structured literacy stages.

Lots of great phonics spelling games in one big bundle.

A fun way to learn spelling rules and reading flashcards in a game-style educational setting.

Great for leveled educational intervention for the different structured literacy stages. Easy to fit into your scope and sequence.

CVC, CVCC, Floss, R-controlled, CVCe, Long a, C+le, Many sounds of y, many spellings of sh, Many silent letters, syllables, vowel teams, many spellings of “ew/oo” and sight words.

Based on many familiar kids’ games: Uno, War, Old Man, Go Fish, Crazy Eights, Rummy, and some editable play cards. You must see, there is so much in this bundle.

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ch, wh, sh, Teaching Trick Digraphs

I have created some hints within the letter shapes to help remind the students of words that make the same digraph sound.

Creative Picture Embedded Hints with the Letter Shapes

Digraphs might be more complex to learn than blends, especially with all the tricky sounds, silent letters, and spelling rules. I have hidden some hints within the letter shapes to help remind the students of words that make the same sound as the digraph. Example ch – one of the sounds of ch is in chomp and chicken. The letter c has teeth to chomp or chew on the chicken leg, which is very similar to the h shape.

This is the first sound of ch, as in chicken. Some kids have it mixed up with the sound /tr/. I was very surprised by this until they explained that /ch/ is for the train picture. (oops!) Some programs have a Choo-choo train for /ch/ sound and it was confusing the emergent readers.

There are many more clever hiding pictures with the digraphs and trigraphs in this set. Including the 3 different sounds for the ch.

These grapheme images incorporate the letter shapes with embedded images to help students recall the sounds that they make. Pictures aid phonemic sound recall and link to memory pathways.

3 different sounds of ch ch, k, sh:

ch – 1 st sound ch, Letter c has teeth to chew the chicken on the letter h.

ch – 2nd sound k, Christmas tree image, letter c is a sack of gifts and letter h on
the tall tree has the “sh” silent hand. 

ch – 3rd sound /sh/ chef, letter c shape is uncovering the food. (French Word Origins)

3 different sounds of gh:

gh – Ghost images laughing, thinking, and shhhh hand. (3 sounds on one card)

gh – Gh sleeping and coughing with h shhhh hand.

Other digraphs

ck – Duck image with bubbles on letter c and letter k has duck feet

th – Letter t is sticking a tongue out at the thumb image on letter h.

ph – Letter p using a phone and h looks like a phone.

wr – Wrench image with silent w. 

tr – Covered with train tracks and a train on letter t.

and much more……

Check out the whole set on my Teachers Pay Teachers page Pure Joy Teaching

The cards can be printed with a word list on the back. Some cards have very helpful spelling tips too. Color-coded to help highlight the digraph or trigraph.

Keep watching this space, I am working on a card game to help reinforce some of these tricky sounds and teach some spelling words at the same time.

These helpful cards are a lot like my first set for R-controlled phonics.

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R-Controlled Clipcards Trigraphs

The five sounds of ear, air, oar, er, are, on these R Controlled clip cards.

Dual-colored spelling clip cards can be found HERE.

Teaching bossy r can be easy to explain until you get to the trigraphs. Then the rules are gone and some students struggle with reading and spelling the homophones like: stair and stare.

These mnemonics were created to provide visual pictures to help students remember and relate to the words. You can find the whole set HERE.

The spelling clip cards have the tricky trigraph highlighted in red letters, with the question, “Sounds like?” printed above the 3 pictures.

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This can help students who are struggling with the words that are commonly confused.

© Pure Joy Teaching

The letter /ere/ can make lots of sounds. This is a tricky spelling to teach. It is mostly one of the reasons the students start to struggle with sight words. Even for students who are good at decoding, this is a very tricky thing to understand the r controlled clip cards have helpful mnemonic images for the sound connection.

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There are 100 words in the set. Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) is free to join. Follow the links to my shop Pure Joy Teaching and get your download of these R clip cards today.

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R-Controlled Trigraphs

Teaching the hardest bossy-r lesson just became easier.

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R controlled Trigraphs Mnemonic Bossy r Booklet, spelling help for sounds air, ear,

Mnemonic pictures are a great way to help teach sound sorting for the various tricky spellings of the five bossy r trigraphs.

air, ear, oar, er, r . These 5 sounds can be spelled in lots of ways.

This booklet has 35 Mnemonic pictures for the vowels and bossy r – to help create a visual picture that can remind the student how the word is spelled.

Find this item here on Teachers Pay Teachers

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Bind these pages together with a binding machine, rings, or slip cards into an old photo brag book for a durable teaching resource.

Print as single pages and slip them into the photo brag book.
Add rings on top for flipbook display.
Two-hole punch with rings for side-by-side readers.

Word lists on the cards are dual colors with the selected trigraph highlighted in red ink for easy visual reference.

This is a great way to teach homophones, with all the different spellings of the r sounds – stare, stair, fare, fair.

  • Now includes poster size.
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