Small Bible Journaling Travel Case

Small Supply Case

This was the perfect size for my small colored pencils, eraser, Pen, mechanical pencil, and Post-it Notes.

At first I used this hinged clear toothbrush case for just for pens, pencils & high lighters that were standard size.  

On one of my trips, the eraser on the mechanical pencil wore down to nothing. On that same trip I also was tearing off pieces of scrap paper to make notes of the bible study ideas that I wanted to remember.  That is when I decided, that I needed to fit in post-it notes, & an eraser into my small case.

bible study supplies

The eraser fits perfectly right where the toothbrush head would be, pencils and post-it’s fits snuggly in line.   

Mini Post-it Notes are a great solution.

A hard sunglass case might work too, if you can’t find this size toothbrush case. This was a bit larger than the other thin cases I normal find.too

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