Handwriting Cards 4 sets Pirate Letters

Easy letter formation instruction with four sets of illustrated card and posters.

Orton Gillingham Style Illustrated Handwriting worksheets and cards.

Lower case letter support to stop letter reversal errors.

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1. r, n, m, h, b, p – Letter r is seaweed on the sand, the pirates trace the /r/ shape and that helps to make the other letters in this group. These are the dive down, slide up, and hook letters. Dark blue water on the bottom of the handwriting cards.

2. c, a, g, d, q, o, s, e – Letter c is half a coconut. The pirates trace around it in the sand to make the curved letters in this group. These are the /c/ curved letters that share the same starting point. Letter e was added to this group. (funny story in the book for letter /e/) Tallgrass on the bottom of the cards.

3. i, j, l, t, f, k – Letter i, are tracks made by turtle-hatchlings. The pirates copy the straight line letters in the sand. Light blue water on the bottom of the cards.

4. v, w, y, x, z, u – Letter v, traces around a shark’s tooth. These are the slanted line letters. Letter u was added to this group. (funny story in the book for letter /u/) Tree trunks on the top of these cards.

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Starting the r letter set is what the pirates do. This is the best letter to set kids up for the correct starting and stopping pencil strokes that they will need for good writing habits. This letter needs to start at the top. It has the same common pattern as the often tricky letter b. (r, h, b, they all go the same way)

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R-Controlled Clipcards Trigraphs

The five sounds of ear, air, oar, er, are, on these R Controlled clip cards.

Dual-colored spelling clip cards can be found HERE.

Teaching bossy r can be easy to explain until you get to the trigraphs. Then the rules are gone and some students struggle with reading and spelling the homophones like: stair and stare.

These mnemonics were created to provide visual pictures to help students remember and relate to the words. You can find the whole set HERE.

The spelling clip cards have the tricky trigraph highlighted in red letters, with the question, “Sounds like?” printed above the 3 pictures.

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This can help students who are struggling with the words that are commonly confused.

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The letter /ere/ can make lots of sounds. This is a tricky spelling to teach. It is mostly one of the reasons the students start to struggle with sight words. Even for students who are good at decoding, this is a very tricky thing to understand the r controlled clip cards have helpful mnemonic images for the sound connection.

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R-Controlled Trigraphs

Teaching the hardest bossy-r lesson just became easier.

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R controlled Trigraphs Mnemonic Bossy r Booklet, spelling help sounds air, ear,

Mnemonic pictures are a great way to help teach sound sorting for the various tricky spellings of the five bossy r trigraphs.

air, ear, oar, er, r . These 5 sounds can be spelled lots of ways.

This booklet has 35 Mnemonic pictures for the vowels and bossy r – to help create a visual picture that can remind the student how the word is spelled.

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Bind these pages together with a binding machine, rings, or slip cards into an old photo brag book for a durable teaching resource.

Print as single pages and slip them into the photo brag book.
Add rings on top for flipbook display.
Two-hole punch with rings for side-by-side readers.

Word lists on the cards are dual colors with the selected trigraph highlighted in red ink for easy visual reference.

This is a great way to teach homophones, with all the different spellings of the r sounds – stare, stair, fare, fair.

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R-Controlled Uno Game

This is so much fun learning with a bossy R controlled uno game.

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Students think its great! They want to play this game over and over.

Fun Uno Game

It helps students with reading R-controlled words

and they love playing it.

Playing Cards are grouped by colors for similar spellings

ar – or – ur – er – ir – ‘air’- ‘ear’ – ‘oar’

15 different Homophones (including a list with definitions)

158-word cards & 16 action cards (skip, draw 2, draw 4, wild)

The red and black text makes the decodable parts stand out.

We play with cards face up, and it is improving their reading skills. This gives the group a chance to help each other when they spot a match, and it keeps everyone’s attention on reading the words.

To see the full description and list of words follow the link.

Teacher tip – The colored groups make it easy sort and to use these as flashcards. I will often introduce just the /er/ sounds together ( er, ur, ir) and students are surprised how quickly they can read now that they know how to decode with the 3 different spellings that all make the same sound.

This game can be found in a group with other games.


Flipbook decodable reader

Fun reading with a flipbook

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Large print CVC and sight word decodable reader. Simple 3-word sentences. Inside cover has a list of short and long vowel words for quick lessons and review.

Short sentences are great for teaching the basics of capitalization, and full stops at the end.

Check out the link below for this and more flipbook-style resources.

Find it HERE on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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X Pirate Letters: Handwriting Storybook for learning the lowercase letters v, w, y, x, z & u.

Orton-Gillingham Style Handwriting in a storybook to make learning the letters a fun adventure.

This is the fourth book in the handwriting series.

The pirate’s lower case letter adventure is coming to a close with one of their favorite letters the X.

In this book they will learn the slanted letters: v, w, y, x, v and surprise the last vowel the letter u. The letter u is a very funny part of the story and it includes the vowel sound in the story. Thanks to the helpful parrot that flies by.

In this storybook, the lowercase letters are grouped to help improve muscle memory and indicate a common starting point. The pictures illustrate a sensory experience of writing in the sand to stimulate the brain for learning. With letters grouped by similar starting points and slanted downstrokes, it can speed up the handwriting process and improve letter print recognition for reading. Images of the letters share the same shape to help avoid common letter reversal errors. Special attention to made to the vowel letter, by a colorful bird. Paired with a fun and memorable story to engage the interests of young students.

This is a perfect book to use with sand tray letters.

The whole pirate adventure is available in one storybook on Amazon. The Pirate Letters: Lowercase Handwriting Storybook.

This is a wonderful way to teach handwriting in the Orton-Gillingham style letter groups.

Handwriting worksheets and cards for this book are available HERE on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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