Knife Hack Safe Cover

Knife Safety

There are many times we need a knife outside of the kitchen.  It can be dangerous to travel with a unprotected knife. They are sharp and have a pointy edge. If someone unexpectedly reaches into a bag or box, they could be cut on the knife.  There are lots of reasons to put it in a case.


I like the idea of having a clean knife on hand, in place of a pocket knife.  Pocket knifes are univerisal useful & rarely cleaned.   

Prefect Case
  • This tooth brush case is prefect.
  •  It fits my small pairing knife just right.
  • It is bright yellow that stands out, easy to find.
  • Divided in middle – which is safer than long lid styles that open from the top cause the knife can fall unexpectedly.

I keep this case in my kitchen utensil drawer, so I can grab it quickly if we need take a knife outside the house. It is a good design.

This clear top loading case, I don’t use.  It does fit the knife, but it is harder to safely open it without the knife falling.

knife cover

Make sure to put the shape edge in first. It is safer this way.

I have taken this case into the school to use for special recipes. Always making sure to keep it far away from the students. It is used by my adult volunteers & myself only.   I should mark the outside with the word “KNIFE”.  I know what it is, but one of my parent volunteers did not  hear me correctly and they were trying to cut apples with a plastic knife.  Bless her heart, she did very well with the plastic knife.

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toothbrush case

  • Be safe with knifes in the home and outsidee of the home.
  • Know the laws for your area, there are some places that your are not allowed to carry a knife – even if it is safe in a case.
  • It could considered as weapon.
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